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and international investors +33 9 86 87 80 65.

Structure of the operation

EUROAPI’s listing will be achieved through the distribution by Sanofi to its shareholders (other than Sanofi itself) of 58% of EUROAPI shares in the form of a dividend in kind at the ratio of one (1) EUROAPI share per 23 Sanofi shares.

This “Distribution in Kind” will be submitted for approval to the combined annual shareholders’ meeting of Sanofi  to be held on May 3, 2022.

Sanofi’s shareholders (ruling in an ordinary manner) will thus be asked to approve the payment of an ordinary dividend in cash of €3.33 per share as well as the Distribution in Kind.

The Distribution in Kind will be carried out subject to the approval by that same meeting (ruling in an extraordinary manner) of amendments to Sanofi’s articles of association to introduce the ability for the shareholders’ meeting to decide, for all or part of a dividend distribution (or distribution of other interim dividends, reserves or premiums, etc.), that this distribution be made in kind through the delivery of company assets, including financial securities, with or without cash option.

Operation calendar

May 3, 2022

Sanofi’s combined annual shareholders’ meeting

May 5, 2022

Publication by Euronext Paris of a notice concerning the technical reference price of EUROAPI shares

May 6, 2022

Ex-dividend date of the Sanofi ordinary dividend in cash and dividend in kind

Admission of EUROAPI shares to trading on the regulated market of Euronext Paris

May 9, 2022

Date of identification of shareholders eligible to receive the Distribution in Kind

May 10, 2022

Payment of the Ordinary Dividend

Payment of the Distribution in Kind (delivery and registration of the EUROAPI shares allocated in respect of the Distribution in Kind)

[June 20], 2022

Settlement and delivery of the EUROAPI shares sold by Sanofi in connection with the Investment